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The field trip will include five rotations which include a hayride, bounce houses and slide, story time that includes the life cycle of a pumpkin, pick-your-perfect-pumpkin time, and lunch.  We have 2 lunch options: Bring your own bagged lunch or purchase a meal. Each part of the tour will take around 20 minutes. It is recommended to prepare to be at the Pumpkin Patch 2 ½ - 3 hours.  Large groups will be split into multiple groups. It is best to have several teachers and/or chaperones to make the groups more manageable.


We will meet you as you approach the entrance, show you where to check-in, and begin going over the rules of the Pumpkin Patch.

Rotation 1: Story Time

We will tell a fun story of how a pumpkin grows from a small seed planted by a farmer and slowly grows into a pumpkin and ends with the carving process. This rotation includes an interactive station where children can see and feel as well as learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin.


Rotation 2: Hayride/Train Ride

We will load everyone up on the hayride and train ride for a ride around the property.


Rotation 3: Bounce Houses and Slide

Bounce off some energy!  We have several options that the children will enjoy.


Rotation 4: Paint your pumpkin

Each child will pick out a mini pumpkin to paint and then to take home. Teachers and chaperones: A wide variety of pumpkins will be available to purchase. Pumpkins are priced based on weight.

Rotation 5: Lunch

We have a lunch option available as an add-on to your field trip or you are welcome to picnic at our tables if you prefer to bring bagged lunches.  If you have extra time and would like to take your group to our playground before heading back to the school, you are welcome to do that.



Allotted Time

Get off the bus, bathroom break, check-in

15 minutes

Transition to 1st station

3 minutes

1st Rotation

20 minutes

Transition to 2nd station

3 minutes

2nd Rotation

20 minutes

Transition to 3rd station

3 minutes


**Rotations may be altered to fit each group’s needs. Detailed instructions will be provided before beginning the rotations to avoid confusion. We have no control over the weather or mechanical/power issues.  If there is a change due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make you aware of any necessary adjustments.**

3rd Rotation

20 minutes

Transition to 4th station

3 minutes

4th Rotation

20 minutes

Transition to central location

3 minutes

Thank you for coming/Instructions for lunch

5 minutes

Transition to 5th

3 minutes

5th Rotation

20 minutes

Return to Bus/Optional Playground time

Field Trip Options

  • Option 1
    Includes All Rotations
    Bring your own bagged lunch
    Price: $5


  • Option 2
    Includes All Rotations
    Chicken nuggets, cookie, and drink box
    Price: $8