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Children:  Babies - Age 12


The divine purpose of the children’s ministry at Greater Life is lighting the pathway to Jesus for every child within our sphere of influence. Our desire is that the young people of Greater Life become lifelong disciples of Jesus. The journey towards that goal begins at a very early age. Children must learn right from wrong and that there are truths in this world that are absolute. Children must also learn that there are consequences for the choices they make – both good and bad. They must also be taught the truth about man’s sinful condition and the price that God’s Son, Jesus, paid to redeem a lost and dying world. Children must also learn that they were created by God to worship and serve Him. A life of worship and service to God begins the day that one trusts Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior. We believe that a person who comes to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at an early age will avoid many of the snares and traps that befall today’s unchurched youth. Our carefully selected programs provide children with an exciting and focused Christian environment that will complement the Christian teachings and spiritual growth that you, as parents, promote within your home. Our Children's Ministry Team consider it a privilege to work with your children.

The children's ministry at Greater Life consists of many components. We'd love to share more with you and get your children plugged in at Greater Life.


Brian & Kristen Cairnes


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